Blistur Press Kit


After moving to Jacksonville, drummer Neal Gupton heard about guitarist/vocalist Chris Kellam as being THE guy all the bands wanted to have in their lineup. After seeing Chris perform it was obvious why the whole city felt that way. But, both were like two ships passing in the night – always mutually committed to other projects. In the mid 2000s the stars aligned and they both got the chance to work together. The mindset of both artists was the same and they immediately connected personally and musically. From there, the band has skyrocketed in popularity and the songwriting has flowed seamlessly.

In addition to playing over 250 shows per year in premier clubs, the rock trio commands the stage every time and opens/headlines concerts and various festivals throughout the U.S..

What makes our music different?
Each member of the band draws from their own diverse influences. One member’s taste runs the gamut from big band, swing, hard rock, blues, progressive and metal…another from Zeppelin, Steve Vai, The Eagles, Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica…another from Fusion and Jazz. When composing a song there is a giant pallette of colors to choose from and the best ones come naturally without thinking too much on how to fit into a modern trend. Rather, how to fit the lyrics into the mood of the song be it comical, dark and moody, angry, happy, inspirational. Music is life. Life is all these things. Why be tied down to one sound? Why be in the same mood every day? No one is. Let’s just make a great song.

Blistur’s 5 CD releases, Before There Were Seasons, Greatest Hits Vol II, Bloody Mary, Scars and Stripes, Fear Itself and a near two hour live concert DVD entitled, “aLive and Amplified” have sold thousands of units and garnered excellent reviews from several entertainment sources including the likes of MTV. Songs from these CD’s have received terrestrial radio airplay across the country including Florida, Texas, South Carolina and even the island of St. Maarten. Blistur even travelled to Cuba to play for our soldiers in Guantanamo Bay!

The band’s most recent release, “Fear Itself” sold more units in six months than all previous CD’s combined. The first track on the disc, entitled “Make Up Your Mind” was placed on the ballot for the 57th annual Grammy awards under the category “Best Rock Performance”.

Poised to release a sixth CD in the winter of 2016/2017, the band continues to move forward at a “Blisturing” pace.