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Chris Kellam

Chris Kellam is one of two founding members of Blistur. He, along with Neal Gupton founded Blistur in 2005.

Chris is from Columbia, South Carolina and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Surrounded by music influences in his family he went to school at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida. Chris is lifelong professional musician, and in the late 90’s he delved into the technical side of music in the studio starting as a recording engineer and becoming a full blown producer.

Neal Gupton

Neal Gupton is one of two founding members of Blistur. He, along with Chris Kellam founded Blistur in 2005.

Neal was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida where he always had an interest in music since a pre-teen. Through school and after his education Neal played for many bands in his career in addition to performing in the Orchestra pit for all touring Broadway shows coming through the Northern Florida area. Neal left his corporate career in 2004, and became a professional drummer/producer.

Vince Jones

Vince Jones was born and raised in upstate NY. Born into a musical family, he has been around music his entire life. His mother is a life long professional singer and keyboard player, and his sister is a singer and bass player. He started as a kid playing various instruments eventually playing in several professional bands before joing Blistur in 2019.



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